Meet The Creators!

The minds behind The Serpent Rogue blog are passionate gamers. They have diverse interests and skills, which they showcase in articles. Their writing styles bring something new to the game.

Jeffery Pookie began his inspiring journey towards forming the Serpent Rogue with an enthusiasm for video games and technology. He used his coding and programming skills to recognize a need in the gaming market for a website with a smooth user experience. This was Pookie’s motivation to create the Serpent Rogue.

His vision was simple. He wanted to give gamers a platform where they could not only play their favorite games but also connect with others who shared similar interests. He drew influence from worldwide gaming communities and focused on creating a welcoming atmosphere.

Gregory Legere‘s entrance into the gaming industry began when he became a game tester. His love of gaming since childhood made the job of analyzing and improving game quality exciting. This role gave him knowledge of development processes and the ability to provide important feedback.

By testing games, Legere learned more about the gaming industry and was able to gain experience working with experienced developers. This increased his analytical and problem-solving skills – skills that have been pivotal in his career. Legere is passionate about personal growth. He devotes time to learning and mastering new technologies and tools related to his work, which boosts his abilities as a game developer.